Henry Wong
Masters Student
Missouri University of Science and Technology

About Me

Hi, my name is Henry Wong. I am a masters student at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO. I am currently a member of the SAINTS lab run by Dr. Tony Luo who also happens to be my advisor.

My current research interest lies in Federated Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning, and Cyber Security. Recently, I have found interest in Bioinformatics as well. With Federated Learning I aim to target the intersection between Cyber Security, Machine Learning, and Internet-of-Things.

I completed my B.S in Computer Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology. I originally had offers and plans to go into industry until the 2020 pandemic hit. It was then I decided to pursue the possibility of going into research as a career and subjected myself into my university's masters program to see if a Ph.D was in my future.

During my undergraduate I was heavily involved in projects across campus. I worked on and led MegaMinerAI, an AI competition, for multiple years, heavily participated in Capture-the-Flag(CTF) competitions, started the first ever hackathon at Missouri S&T, started the first ever data oriented organization on campus called MoData, and initiated the first Asian American Association at Missouri S&T. Outside of school I was briefly involved in Rolla government helping university related bills to be passed using data science.


Email : henrycwong [at] mst [dot] edu
Physical : ERL 306

Recent News

  • 12/2020 Received a teaching effectiveness score of 3.60 (out of 4.00) in the official CET assessment on my first ever semester of teaching.
  • 08/2020 "Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on MQTT-based IoT Using BERT Based Adversarial Message Generation" was accepted ccepted to KDD 2020 (3rd AIoT workshop).

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